For JUPAS Applicants

  • Admission score calculated based on best 5 among Category A or C subjects; Mathematics (Extended Module 1 or Module 2) (M1/M2) ^ will be recognized as equivalent to a full elective
  • English language: Level 5 or above #*
  • Preference given to applicants ranking BASc in Band A
  • Refer to University website for general admission requirement

^ Level 3 or above in M1/M2 is preferred (but not required)
# Subject weighting: English score x 1.5
* Candidates with level 4 in English Language and good results in other HKDSE subjects will be exceptionally considered on a case by case basis, but they will have to take an additional English course if admitted.

our programme on JUPAS website (JS6212)

HKU Admission Information for JUPAS Candidates

HKU Admission Figure for different programmes


For Non-JUPAS Applicants

There are different requirements for applicants from different streams of entry. Please refer to the specific link below for further information.

Overseas and other qualifications

Mainland NJCEE

Interviews may be arranged for selected candidates.