Why Bachelor of Arts and Sciences?

We face an array of problems: war, climate change, inequality, aging, disease, depression, the list goes on. These problems are diverse and complex, and their solutions require us to take an interdisciplinary focus, understanding the complex interplay between politics, economics, biomedical sciences, computer sciences, philosophy, psychology, sociology and more. Such an understanding can also help us enhance other, more positive, areas of life such as education and culture.

The BASc programme equips students with this interdisciplinary focus and prepares them to make an impact in the real world! Each student achieves these goals in a personalised and tailor-made manner whilst being supported by a mentor and other students from the BASc family.

Programme introduction

BASc programmes around the world

Offering a BASc programme places HKU and our BASc students within an elite group of top global universities who also offer BASc degrees, such as Stanford University, University College London and University of California, Davis. Our programme was developed in consultation with experts from these institutions, as we all agree that interdisciplinary education is key to improving the world and the lives of people within it.

Students' voices

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