Research Postgraduate
Research Postgraduate

The Faculty aspires to attract talented young postgraduates for training to be scholars, outstanding researchers, and leading academics in Hong Kong, China and overseas. The Faculty provides opportunities for them to join research teams and work on novel research projects. They are encouraged to communicate their ideas and findings with peers, academics of the University, as well as with overseas researchers and scholars. Departments each year admit a number of students to the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and PhD degree programmes. Currently, there are 270 research students.  Many of their research findings contribute to international publications and to the formulation of public policies in promoting the well-being of the community.

Faculty Research Areas    
Department of Geography
Climate change and paleoclimate studies
Climate-man relationship and environmental issues
Climate change, geomorphology and quaternary science
Cultural heritage management; urban planning and environmental management
Environmental/ecological economics; urban forestry and urban ecology; environmental management
Environmental science and management
Geographical information systems and cartography
Globalisation, economic development and spatial transformation in China
Hydrology and sediment studies
Soil science and biogeography
Spatial analysis-statistics, geographic information science and population geography
Tourism and recreation geography
Transport, e-technologies and society
Transportation geography and container port systems
Urban and regional development in China, and economic geography

Department of Politics and Public Administration
Comparative politics
International relations
Political theory
Public administration and public policy

Department of Psychology
Clinical psychology
Cognition and perception
Educational psychology
Social psychology

Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Ageing and gerontology
Families and children
Gender and sexuality

Health and mental health

Health and welfare in China
Population studies
Social policy, planning and community building
- Dance-movement therapy; psychoneuroimmunology; newly arrived immigrants; social work education including IT development; psycho-autopsy study.

Department of Sociology
Asian societies and globalisation
Media and culture

Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (inc. the Centre of Asian Studies)
Inter-Asian connections

Science, technology and medicine in Asian societies

Hubs, mobilities and the Asian urban

Spirituality and religion in Asia

Centre on Behavioral Health
The Centre on Behavioral Health organizes systematic clinical research in the areas of chronic illness, mental health and behavioral problems. Research students interested in psychosocial aspects of health and illness, grief and loss, resilience and post-traumatic growth, integrative east-west medical and psychosocial case are welcome to contact staff of the Centre.

Centre for Civil Society and Governance
Civil society development in Hong Kong

The legal and regulatory framework of civil society

NGO legitimacy, accountability, and corporate governance

Philanthropy and community foundation

Social cohesion in Hong Kong


Centre for Criminology
Crime prevention
Drug addiction
Organized crime
Crime victimication
Crime prevalence studies
Crimes against women
Business crime
Internet crime
Policy for Sustainability Lab
Environmental policy studies in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region
Sustainability assessment methods
Corporate environmental governance and business-environment issues
Planning sustainable communities
Sustainable development
Sustainable energy
Environmental education and community engagement
Water Governance

International Center for China Development Studies
Globalization and China's spatial economic development
Global cities network and super service hub and financial centers development, including New York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing studies
Regional cooperation and integration, particularly in Hong Kong-PRD region
China's manufacturing competitiveness and industrial transformation
China's urbanization and urban and regional transformation
Environment and infrastructure development
Public policy and social development

Journalism and Media Studies Centre
Media law and ethics
Digital media
Literary journalism
Journalism in Greater China
International journalism
Public health journalism
Environmental journalism
Cultural studies of journalism and the media
Public culture
Business and financial journalism
Journalism education

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention
Evaluation of suicide prevention strategies and population health areas
Monitoring trends in attempted suicide and suicide
Psychological autopsy studies to identify the psychiatric and social causes of suicide
Studies of suicide attempters, including survivors of serious suicide attempts, to identify the psychological, social and biological causes and correlates of suicidal behaviour
Investigation of the extent and causes of suicidal behaviour in the community, including individuals who do not come to medical attention;
Examination of media influences on suicidal behaviour
Development and evaluation of specific treatments for suicide attempters
Systematic reviews of the worldwide literature on clinical studies relevant to suicide prevention
A geographical information system (GIS) of suicide and other major public health interests

Sau Po Centre on Ageing
Long-term care policy and program, social security and pension policy
Chronic illness management, ageing with disabilities
Community care
End-of-life care
Active and productive ageing
Elderly housing
Aging in place
Elder abuse prevention and intervention, dementia care, and informal caregiving

Social Sciences Research Centre
Computerized survey data collection
Internet and world-wide web policy
Telephone survey methodology
Longitudinal surveys
Opinion and electoral polls
Bayesian statistics
Social and medial statistics
Privacy and data protection
Compositional data analysis


HKU Strategic Research Area and Themes (Faculty Involvement Areas )
Biomedicine: Healthy Ageing

Community: Law,Policy and Development

China: Contemporary China

Environment: Sustainable Environment


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