The Policy for Sustainability Lab (PSL) formally joined the Centre for Civil Society and Governance on May 1, 2019, and became one of the Centre’s major pillars. The mission of the Centre is to contribute to the attainment of a sustainable society through forging community-based and innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges. The work of the Centre is knowledge-based, with a focus on research, knowledge dissemination, and social impact. Under the overarching mission of the Centre, PSL aspires to promote and facilitate beneficial socio-ecological interactions as a way to attain sustainability.



Projects Highlight

  • Sustainable Rural Communities in Asia’s Mega Cities
  • Behaviour Change for Sustainability
  • Quality of Life and Public Space in Compact Cities
  • Mental Health
  • Sustainability Evaluation of Environmental Projects
  • Water Governance
  • Retirement Protection
  • Public Engagement on Climate Change

What's New

永續社區學院公眾活動系列 : 社區活化 城鄉對談


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