Students will major in Interdisciplinary Studies where they will take five courses from each of the two pathways so that they gain knowledge from diverse disciplines. Students can also take an additional major / minors / electives to further enhance their interdisciplinarity.

Interdisciplinary and BASc Core Courses, students’ internship experiences and their Capstone Project will help them combine and apply their knowledge in a way that can impact the real world.

Programme Components

No. of credits
Interdisciplinary Curriculum (Major in Interdisciplinary Studies)* 96
1) Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies I and II 12
2) Interdisciplinary Capstone Course 12
3) Courses from Two Pathways (60 credits)
a. Cultures/ Societies
b. Physical World/ Biological/ Human Sciences
4) Internship (Social Innovation requirement) 12
BASc Core Courses 18
1) Sustainable Leadership 6
2) Foundations of Human Knowledge 6
3) Essential Skills for Undergraduates: Foundations of Data Science  6
Common Core Courses 24
Language Enhancement Courses 12
Electives Courses (or Second Major) 90
Total 240

* This programme will not be offered to non-BASc students as a second major.