• Globalization, Migration & Urban Space

    To provide critical knowledge on the rise of China in a global context, especially with regards to one belt one road development ...

  • Capital & Labor in China and the World

    To offer insightful studies on the transformation of the socialist China into global capitalism as well as the recent rise of China a world power ...

  • Livelihood, Community & Sustainable Development

    To examine the rapid change of social policies and welfare in China and the rapid emergence of social and regional inequality over the country ...

  • Culture, Well-being and Identity

    To study the transformation of everyday practices of Chinese societies in the areas of culture and value, health and wellbeing ...

Contemporary China Research

Global China and the Future of Capitalism Seminar Series:

Mapping Capitalism: Thinking Difference and Diversity, with Hong Kong and China

February 21, 2019

Professor Jamie Peck
University of British Columbia

Vietnam and China’s Diverging Industrial Relations Systems: A Case of Path Dependency
November 15, 2018

Professor Anita Chan
The China Journal

China's Globalism: How Did It Happen? Effects for People

October 22, 2018

Professor Dorothy J. Solinger
University of California, Irvine