Mission and Vision

Modelled on world-class research initiatives such as Harvard-Yenching Institute, University of Oxford China Center, UCLA Center for Chinese Studies and Chinese Studies Center, UC Berkeley, the HKU Global China Social Research Hub is targeted to serve as a strong institution for China scholarship and research in Asia, and to provide a range of impacts beyond academic circles. As the most significant knowledge hub to build unity between the Greater China and the world, HKU has long been recognised for its established tradition and world leadership in China Studies. Building on our strength and excellence, the Faculty of Social Sciences continues to identify China Studies as one of its three strategic areas and endeavors to capitalise on the collective strength already existing in the university and the Strategic Research Theme initiative of the URC.

The missions and visions of the HKU Global China Social Research Hub are:

  • To open up new frontiers for advanced multi-disciplinary approaches to Global China with comparative perspectives and covering strategic political, economic, social, and cultural dimensions
  • To establish HKU as an advanced world-class hub of excellent research and the key origin of knowledge on Global China linking with worldwide institutes
  • To run high-impact symposia and policy summits in order to build influence among the global community on China’s rapid rise to power and societal transformation. The hub will serve to provide guidance for innovative policy formation for social and cultural advancements

The major objective of the HKU Global China Social Research Hub is to develop an area of excellence in the study of contemporary China so as to lead the advanced production of knowledge and policy to achieve better understanding of China’s transformation on society, politics and economy, as well as on China’s rapid changing regional and global role. The Hub will also provide a critical interface for the University’s relations with business, government and non-governmental institutions involved with China. We are determined to enhance social change within China and beyond, exploring alternative visions and social mode of life.