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Agency Visits

Agency Visits – Route 1

8:00 am – 4:00 pm (light lunch included)
23 August 2018
Maximum Quota: 30 persons

Agencies/Places to Visit

  • “Project River” at Sheung Yue River hosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong

    Hong Kong has over 200 rivers and streams with a total length of approximately 2,500 km. Over time, urbanisation has degraded rivers. Many people have neglected their multiple values manifested in their multiple functions which include ecological, social, cultural and environmental. “Project River” aims to re-connect the community with river and river basins in Hong Kong to enhance the public’s understanding of the multiple functions provided by water, and Sheung Yue River catchment is one among its seven focuses. Through this post-Summit visit, participants should be able to develop a sense of shared consciousness for water conservation and sustainability, and visit to rivers can be a good and educational family activity.

  • Playright PlayScope Visit

    Playright Children’s Play Association is a charity organization that seeks to enrich the life of every child through quality play. PlayScope is their flagship child-¬led indoor play space in Hong Kong since 2009 designed by award winning Japanese architect. There are safe and versatile spaces for children where they may play freely to explore different corners by their own, e.g. wooden workshop, play circle, play lab, messy play room etc. PlayScope's services are supported by a team of professional playworkers who encourage play by creating safe and fun space for children. They also share the rationale with parents and others, thus helping everyone appreciate the full scope and value of play.

Agency Visits - Route 2

10:00 am – 5:30 pm (light lunch included)
23 August 2018
Maximum Quota: 50 persons

Agencies to Visit

  • Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society

    Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society was founded in 1963 with the objective of promoting, coordinating and organising all kinds of activities to fight against cancer. Its mission is to reduce cancer burden in Hong Kong through advocating prevention and early detection, providing treatment, rehabilitation, palliative care and holistic support to patients and their families, and increasing awareness and knowledge about all aspects of cancer through education, research and advocacy. This post-Summit visit is arranged to learn more about the multidisciplinary service approach the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society is adopting for their work.

  • Social Welfare Department Tuen Mun Children & Juvenile Home

    The Tuen Mun Children & Juvenile Home combines a remand home, a place of refuge, a probation home and a reformatory school in the same residential training complex, creating synergy among various services. It provides short-term/transitional care, protection and/or supervision to children and juveniles encountering difficulties in their lives, together with statutory social work intervention, residential training services for children and juveniles with behavioural adjustment problems as well as children and young offenders. Personalised training programmes are offered to improve family relationships and facilitate ongoing contact and interaction with the community.

* Registered participants will be emailed separately at a later date for indication of their options for the visit routes.
* Registration to join Agency Visits will be on a first-come-first-served basis.