Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU (Mental Health and Social Policy Research Group)

The Faculty of Social Sciences, established in 1967, seeks to contribute to the advancement of society and the development of leaders through a global presence, regional significance, and engagement with the rest of China. The Mental Health and Social Policy Research Group, comprising leading experts from disciplines ranging from social work and public health to psychiatry, is among the faculty’s many innovations. The group aims to review existing mental health policies while injecting innovative ideas into the public realm and policy discourse through rigorous and good science.

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Department of Social Work and Social Administration, HKU

Also established in 1967, the department was the first social work education institution in Hong Kong to train social service personnel to enhance the well-being of the community and to promote social justice. It is renowned for its cutting-edge research, top-quality education, and service collaborations with leading academics and practitioners across the globe.

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Department of Psychiatry, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, HKU

The first department of psychiatry in Hong Kong attached to and serving a general hospital, the department excels in basic and behavioural neuroscience, psychiatric genetics, psychosis studies, psychosocial medicine, and sleep disorder studies. It is a major professional and educational hub providing excellent mental healthcare and top-tier training for future healthcare providers in Hong Kong.

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