Vision People Research Education Lecture

HKU has long been recognized for its established tradition and world leadership in contemporary China Studies from the social science perspective. Building on our established tradition and accumulated expertise, the Faculty of Social Sciences also identified China Studies as one of its three strategic areas in 2012 and determined to capitalize both the collective strengthen already existing in this university and the Strategic Research Theme initiative of the URC.

The visions and missions of Contemporary China Studies are:

  • To develop a critical mass of researchers of Contemporary China with complimentary expertise and perspectives for the undertaking of ground-breaking and cutting-edge research
  • To open up new frontiers for contemporary China research focusing on the cross-disciplinary interface of institutional, political, economic, social , and legal dimensions
  • To establish HKU as a world-class center of excellent research and the key origin of knowledge on Greater China for global dissemination
  • To hold regular symposia, publish high-impact monographs and journal articles, and provide guidance for innovative policy formation for political, social, legal, and educational advancements

To provide opportunities to carry out research in China for RPgs and PDFs