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What is Bpsych?

The new BPsych Programme puts great emphasis on enhancing students’ understanding of psychological phenomenon and principles through first-hand practical experience, applying knowledge and skills to real-life situations, and research-intensive learning. Students will be equipped with basic skills across all areas of Psychology, including the biological and cognitive bases of behaviour, developmental changes, social influence, and contemporary issues. They will also be provided with opportunities for tackling novel problems as well as experience of addressing issues that are ill-defined. Through the comprehensive training in the Programme, students’ skills in critical analysis, reasoning, and self-reflection can be developed.

The Programme provides an internationally-recognised qualification in fundamental aspects of Psychology that allows students to pursue both professional training in applied aspects of Psychology (e.g. Educational Psychology or Clinical Psychology), and advanced research training in all related research areas of Psychology, including Cognitive Science and Neuroscience.

Apart from the Psychology major, students are given the flexibility to explore their academic interests in a wide variety of disciplines across all faculties in the University. For example, students may opt to declare a second major in Social Sciences disciplines, such as Cognitive Science, Counselling, Criminology, Neuroscience, etc., if they are considering further study or work in the professions related to mental health.

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