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How can we support people in our communities to be healthy, have strong relationships, and live fulfilling lives? These are all issues of mental wellness. Over the last 20 years we have realized that it is not enough for people to be physically healthy; if they are going to enjoy their lives they also need to be mentally well. Mental wellness is a complex concept since there are so many aspects that make up a mind that is healthy, socially engaged, and capable of taking positive action. In addition, many aspects of modern life, such as urban density, stress, poverty, and poor physical health can all have detrimental effects on mental wellness.


By bringing researchers with different expertise in the faculty together, we hope to build a world-class research programme in the area of mental wellness, aiming to improve mental wellness in the diverse communities of Hong Kong. In close and coherent collaboration with faculty’s centres and laboratories, the research cluster targeted to create synergy effect in research on different aspects of mental wellness, including brain and emotions, gerontology, positive ageing, mental health challenges across all sectors of society, enhancement of social bonds across groups of people, promoting mental wellness in diverse communities, and use of social media in facilitating mental wellness.

Research Clusters
- Mental Wellness

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Social Neuroscience

Health Psychology

Educational Psychology


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Population Health Approaches

Behavioural Health

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Professor Tatia Lee

Chair Professor

Department of Psychology

Professor Terry Lum


Department of Social Work
and Social Administration

Critical Mass

The Mental Wellness cluster comprises experts in a wide spectrum of mental wellness issues including Cognitive and Social Neuroscience, Social and Health Psychology, Developmental and Educational Psychology, Gerontology, Population Health Approaches and Behavioural health, all of whom have the improvement of mental wellness as a key ambition.


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