Teachers’ Sharing

Academic supervision is an essential part of experiential learning to facilitate students to deal with unfamiliar off-campus situation and contribute their effort, ideas and academic knowledge to the wider community.


Professor Samson TSE
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Education), Faculty of Social Sciences

“Social Innovation-Global Citizenship as the Faculty’s graduation requirement, it has been a great success. We have had approximately 300 students each year completing Experiential Learning and they have made impacts on the lives of thousands of people locally and internationally.”

Lecturer, Department of Social Work & Social Administration

“I was impressed at how the internships opened students’ eyes to aspects of Hong Kong that they had never been aware of before and was inspired by their thoughtful and insightful responses to the issues the experiences raised. It was a wonderful opportunity to support the growth and maturation of a wonderful group of students.”

Dr. AU-YEUNG, Shing
Lecturer, Department of Sociology
“I treasure the opportunity to communicate with students in a more personal context, know about their aspirations, and together with our Community Partners, discover a wide range of interesting research topics.”
Ms. Elsa LAM
Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences

“The big take-away that all the students reported was the interpersonal bonding. Of course they learned a lot about fair trade and so on, but it was the bonding with a group of people they might not otherwise meet that stood out.”

Dr. Jason, HO Ka-hang
Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Literature

“Students also gained some skills, in particular how to ask questions – when to ask open-ended questions, when to ask yes / no questions and when not to ask anything and just let people speak.”

Mr. Desmond DAO
Teaching Assistant, Department of Geography

“It was a privilege for me to be invited as one of the Academic Tutors. Not only was I granted the chance to witness the personal growth of several students, I am also grateful to learn more about contributions different community organizations are making to Hong Kong society. ”

Dr. Jessica HUN
Teaching Assistant, Department of Politics & Public Administration

“Students I taught were very enthusiastic and eager to learn from their mentors who represent a variety of expertise and background. At the end of the internship, students gained significant first-hand experience as reflected in their group presentations.”