Students’ Work

Social Innovation and Global Citizenship Internships are specially designed to encourage students to maximise their full potential by going beyond the confines of the campus, their academic discipline and geographical boundaries. Internships adopt a multidisciplinary and practice-oriented approach engaging students to expand social awareness through working with community partners. The internships deliverables are to enhance social development and promote social innovations. We are glad to show you some of the students' work and its community impact, locally and internationally.

SIGC Impact Story-telling Photo Competition (Summer 2019)

Theme: “We Venture Out, We Create, We learn”


Gold Prize

LIM Janghyeok (BSocsc Year 2)
'This is a photo taken after the interview with Mrs. Bhandani, a migrant returnee who had worked in Qatar as a beautician. It is hard to believe that just 30 minutes before this photo was taken, we were complete strangers to Mrs. Bhandani. However, not only did she take her time to be interviewed but also, she offered us to thread our eyebrows. Throughout our time in Nepal, we were often caught off guard by just how giving the Nepalese people were to us. It is an experience that we will never be able to forget.'

Silver Prize

LUO Shengwei (BSocsc Year 2)
'It is wild and magic. When you drive across the continent of origin, breath the breeze from the grassland and smell the sound of animals, you touch the sense of freedom. Staying in Nairobi and the internship provides me a chance to witness the change on this land. The work I've done, which is analysing the local government's policy, opens a window for me to look into Kenya's society, its people and its mysterious past.'

Bronze Prize

Cheng Winki (BEd & BSocsc Year 2)
'The programme this picture shows was the Code+Create workshop, where the kids learned programming via Scratch. It was so amazing when we saw their plot in Scratch and we almost forgot about how pure and innocent that our childhood can be. Wandering around with their dreams and imagination simply just feels so great.'
  Consolation Prizes
Fang Yichun (BSocsc (G&L) & LLB Year 3) Wong Mei Sze (BSocsc Year 3) Cheung Wing Sum (BSocsc Year 2)
'Teaching primary school children in Peng An County, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province. The school is located deeply in mountains, and it took 2 hours to drive there from the train station. The only two teachers in the school are a couple, and have taught there for 25 years.' 'Group Sharing time. It will never come to an end when we talk about our personality and funny stories.' ' "Dear, Payment before service." A day of a sex worker in a one-woman-brothel starts with turning on the red light, taking a deep breath and opening the door to let fears of theft, robbery and violence fill this romantic and seductive room.'


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