Students’ Sharing

Learning begins at the end of the student’s comfort zone. When students are out of their familiar classroom setting, their academic discipline and geographical boundaries, the students learn how to apply their academic knowledge, critically analysing the local and global social issues as well as having a renewed understanding of themselves personally.

Lo Cheuk Lun Rayson (BSocSc)
University of British Columbia, Canada, Fall 2016

The exchange experience is not only eye-opening and fun, it is also an important milestone of my personal development.’

Cheung Wai Chun Eric (BJ)
Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark

‘The exchange semester has proven to be one of the most enlightening and fulfilling experiences in my university life so far.’

Noya Vargas Victoria
3 Campus student from King’s College London, 2016-2017

‘After this year, I can say that I understand Japan, Korea and Hong Kong as a level of depth that I could never have achieved without this program.’

Kelly Kong (BSocSc)
Sri Lanka, Summer 2016
[Behind the Fair Trade Label – How Coffee and Tea Inspire Glocal Changes]

‘The training of the Social Sciences focuses on being rational and systematic. With comparative literature students, we added the elements of the narrative as well as cultural perspectives together with writing stories including a human touch. These are complementary to understanding the complex global fair trade issue, and enables us to produce a report with human interest.’

Anakin Lam (BSocSc)
Sri Lanka, Summer 2016
[Behind the Fair Trade Label – How Coffee and Tea Inspire Glocal Changes]

‘Rainforest coffee and middlemen will visit the farmers from time to time, especially during the slack season to make sure that the farmers still have sufficient food and are being cared. It is the relationships and the care, as well as the personal bond that enables the fair trade to work in the community.’

Kenny Ho (BSocSc)
Global Citizenship Summer Institute, Summer 2016“I am glad to take part in GCSI Taiwan and Korea study programme. During this four weeks, I have deeply experienced Taiwanese and Korean culture and made a lot of new friends. I was surprised that I can have a direct dialogue with Taiwan politicians and officials.”
Fu Yuk Ting Vienna (BSocSc)
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, Fall 2016
‘Going on exchange would be an unforgettable journey in my life… It was full of surprises and excitement. The exchange experience provided a lot of inspirations to my future career planning.’
Kani Au Wing-hay (BSocSc)
Chopsticks Limited Company, Summer 2015
[Marketing Campaigns Involvement]
‘I have changed my lifestyle through working with Chopsticks. The passion and stories behind each organic and fair-trade product have inspired me. Fair-trade is not only about a printed logo. I also gained the opportunities of organising events. Even after the internship, I still want to devote my leisure time in this field.’
Kenji Ho Chun-yin (BSocSc)
Glocal Solutions Vietnam, Summer 2015
[A cross-disciplinary approach to improve the quality of life in Vietnam]

‘In Global Solutions, eight Social Science students and eight Civil Engineering students worked as a cross-disciplinary team to follow the building progress of a sanitation facility located in a local Vietnamese secondary school. The sanitation facility helped to cease the problem of open defecation in the local community bringing a great deal of convenience to residents, especially the pupils. Besides the construction activity, we conducted community needs assessments in the local communes, under the guidance of World Vision Vietnam, to better understand the local issues and concerns. Through tackling real-life problems, I got a chance to consolidate knowledge acquired in university and gear myself up for being a social scientist!’

Yida Tan-yee Ma (BSocSc)
Lee Hysan Foundation, Summer 2015‘Working in the Lee Hysan Foundation was a humbling and inspiring experience. It was humbling because of my realisation that there is so much to learn in the workplace. I was eager to improve and know more, constantly pushing myself to strive for excellence regardless of the difficulties encountered in the process. It was inspiring because I have learnt various skills to plan different philanthropic projects in a more sustainable, cost-effective and influential way. It was eye opening to witness how a foundation could act as a bridge to establish cooperation between corporate and government sectors to fill the local service gaps more effectively. Most importantly, the hands-on experience in initiating a new project allowed us to apply theories learnt from school. It has further cultivated my sense of social responsibility and desire to contribute to society with my expertise.’
Shun Yiu (BSocSc)
Atlantic Health Ltd, New Zealand, Summer 2015
[Desktop Analysis into the Effectiveness of Patient Wellness Interventions]
‘This GCSI internship at Atlantis Healthcare was a highlight in my university career. I am truly thankful for this opportunity and all the support I received from my supervisors and colleagues.’
Tammy Yow (BSocSc)
Amnesty International Hong Kong, Term-time 2014-2015
“My internship at AIHK enabled me to gain precious insights on the global campaign operation of one of the world’s largest human rights organization, which has been incredibly inspiring and rewarding personally to my identity as a global citizen and professionally to my future career development.”
Zhuoma Gesang
Glocal Solutions Vietnam, Summer 2015
[A cross-disciplinary approach to improve the quality of life in Vietnam]
I find that I am a person who can bring new perspectives and ideas to others, and this makes me more confident about my personal relationships and future career.’
Gao, Yunfu (BSocSc)
Democratic Party, Term-time 2015-2016
[Internship Scheme of Young Democrats]
“In addition to experiencing local life and integrating knowledge into practice, internship provided me a different way of learning. I have improved my ability to work and know the basic working ethics, and certainly realized how to be a better self. It was an unforgettable experience. ”
Raphael Leung (BSocSc)
Amnesty International Hong Kong, Term-time 2015-2016
[Administrative Assistant]
“The internship programme offered impressive training opportunities whereby not only could interns learn about its core values on human rights, but also get exposed to hands-on experience on managing an international NGO amid geo-political and economic constraints. It was the Faculty’s SIGC programme that truly inspired me in unearthing my potentials.”
Vanessa Tam (BSocSc)
Labour Action China, Term-time 2014-2015
[Labour Rights & Human Rights Advocacy and Research]
“I worked at Labour Action China with a research focus on pneumoconiosis in China. It was a challenging yet very fruitful internship program since I had chances to work in mainland China, where I gained valuable first-handed experiences in labour research. ”
Frances Liu (BSocSc)
New Century Forum, Term-time 2014-2015
[Policy Research]
“I received systematic training in policy research at New Century Forum. Colleagues not only guided me through polling analysis and advocacy campaigns, but encouraged me to write articles in local policy journal. This internship even motivated me to land my first job in a think tank after graduation.”