For Non-FOSS Students

Principles for managing non-FOSS Internships

  1. The goal of our experiential learning programme continues to be primarily linking classroom learning to community practice, broadening student experiences. This internship does not provide vocational opportunities for post-graduation employment.
  2. The Faculty welcomes the participation of full-time HKU undergraduates in the Faculty’s experiential learning programmes. A more diverse student body can attract new partners and afford our students a more integrated learning experience.
  3. The Faculty seeks to develop collaborative internship programmes with other Faculties and Departments of the University (e.g., Comparative Literature, Engineering, Dentistry, etc.)
  4. The primary focus of the SI-GC internship is to serve FOSS students.
  5. Those interested non-FOSS students have to confirm that they can:
  • Commit 2.5 months in the summer
  • Have 12 credits reserved for SI/GC for the academic year, which means if students already reached the maximum number of credits allowed (i.e. 72 credits in one academic year), they can’t proceed
  • Complete all the academic deliverables: Attend Orientation on a specific date; submit all written assignments (total 4,500 words); AND deliver a project presentation on a specific date. Students have to “check the above boxes” on the internet when they proceed to apply for FOSS non-paid, credit-bearing internship.
  1. The non-FOSS, SI-GC enrollments are implemented in a gradual fashion:
  • In summer every year, we envisage we may take limited number of non-FOSS students for the internship programmes;
  • The experiential learning team will monitor the process; we will interview non-FOSS students about their expectations and their understanding of the SI-GC. Supervision will be provided by the teachers of the experiential learning team upon successful application;
  • Non-FOSS students are free to choose any internships;
  • Non-FOSS students whose second major is in FOSS will be given priority as the SI-GC is required in the syllabus of their second major;
  • Non-FOSS students will not be eligible to receive scholarships or subsidies from FOSS due to limited resources. Selection interviews administered by community partners will determine internship places like their counterparts from FOSS regarding GPA, the relevant skills or academic training, etc.

Application period for Student-initiated Internship in Summer 2022: August 3 – November 5, 2021 (noon)