How to become a Community Partner of HKU Internships?

The Faculty is offering credit-bearing, non-paid internships during term-time and summer on part-time and full-time basis respectively.  We are always looking to expand our network of quality Community Partners for internships.  These include but are not limited to non-governmental organizations and the social responsibility divisions of corporations.  In order to uphold the academic quality of the internship experience, we are looking for Community Partners that can provide: a meaningful and challenging experience (a well-focused project is preferable).  The internship should extend the students’ critical thinking and awareness of various social issues, such as justice, human rights, diversity, poverty and discrimination.  It is fundamental that the experience is relevant to the skills and knowledge of the disciplines of the social sciences, broadly related to China Studies, Geography, Politics and Public Administration, Psychology, Social Work and Social Administration, Sociology and so forth.  We require an adequate daily supervision of the interns and a willingness to enter into a contract with the Faculty laying out the duties and responsibilities of the Community Partners.  We ask that internship tasks have less than 30% clerical work; are not engaged in direct profit-making or sales-related tasks/activities; and if possible, can provide more than one place for the proposed internship.

We invite our Community Partners to apply in October for summer internships for the following year, and in April for term-time internships within the same year.  The exact internship periods can be referred to HERE.  If you are interested to participate as a Community Partners of our internships, please contact us at