Community Partners’ Sharing

Social Innovation and Global Citizenship Internships strives for mutually beneficial partnerships, accomplishing both the students’ learning outcomes as well as the positive impact on the community partners. The community partners aspire to be co-educators and ensure that the students’ work is contributing to the organisation’s progress towards its vision.

Feedback from Community Partners:

Ms. Angie Tse
Senior Fundraising Officer, Amnesty International Hong Kong

‘The intern students offer a fresh perspective on our strategies and plans. They can always provide inspirational ideas which help us to promote human rights values to the new generation.’

Ms. Jonnet Kudera Bernal
Manager, Christian Action’s Centre for Refugees

‘We have been partnering with Faculty of Social Sciences since 2010. Through this Internship Programme, student gets to also learn the practical ways of supporting a good cause. Over the years, we have been pleased with the caliber of the students and they have more than met our expectations.’

Ms Dorothy LI
Educational Psychologist, Educational Psychology Services (NT) Section, Education Bureau

‘The interns who worked in our section were very committed and competent in discharging the tasks assigned to them — Thanks to the HKU Service Leadership Internships for matching the right interns for us. They were independent, proactive and thoughtful workers who functioned as our real partners. The experience was very pleasant, and we look forward to future collaboration with other interns from the HKU Internship Programme.’
Mr Vincent CHAN
Operations Director, Feeding Hong Kong Limited

‘Thank you for working with us on the summer internship programme for 2015. To our organisation with limited human resources, this was a good opportunity for us to have extra manpower to assist us in accomplishing some of the projects during this period. It was also a wonderful chance for our staff to learn how to act as supervisors to coach the interns. More importantly, it was our pleasure to be able to contribute our knowledge and experience to the interns to prepare them for their future challenges in society.’

Ms Crystal CHEUNG
Police Clinical Psychologist, Psychological Services Group, Hong Kong Police

‘I am impressed with the performance of the student interns and their passion for learning. In our setting, the student interns assisted in conducting a research project. They managed to understand instructions well, and they discussed the project with a critical point of view. They had substantial knowledge in the area, and they knew where to find the information that they needed. As their supervisor, I also learned from the process, and they stimulated me to think further on the project.’

Ms. Connie MAK
School Development Manager, JEMS

“It has been a privilege guiding and walking with each student in discovering their unique gifts and talents within our organization, where their strengths and weaknesses have grown to compliment the team’s culture and spirit. We are thankful for the opportunity and look forward to a continued partnership in building character and raising leaders.”

Ms. Alice LAI
Assistant Manager, KPMG (Hong Kong)

“The internship provides a great platform for the students to widen their horizon and get a first taste of working in a corporate environment. More importantly, it allows them to get involved and understand how corporate social responsibility can make a positive impact on our community.”

Ms. Stephanie DU
CSR Assistant Manager, KPMG (Shanghai)

“The internship provides a great platform for the students to widen their horizon and get a first taste of working in a corporate environment. More importantly, it allows them to get involved and understand how corporate social responsibility can make a positive impact on our community.”

Ms. Susie Xiao

“They get into the real business world and they get hands-on experience in speaking to professionals, working in our company.”

Ms. Becky TAYLOR
Manager, Community Education (Child Protection), Mother’s Choice

“By supporting high caliber students to contribute to real, hands on project activities, we benefit from the wealth of skills and insights students bring, as well as exposing them to the challenges facing vulnerable children Hong Kong. In working with students, we are able to build a new generation of child welfare professionals who are well equipped to be champions for children in adversity.”

Ms. Theodora YEUNG
Senior Development Executive, Orbis Hong Kong

“We are always glad having students from FOSS as our interns at Orbis who are hardworking and creative and they always bring new ideas and suggestions to our work. They contributed a lot to the promotional work here in Hong Kong, bringing hope to the needlessly blind worldwide.”

Ms. Julia IP
Executive Director, Project Artist X

“Over the past few years, we have conducted quite a few community art projects led by HKU student interns. Not only did the interns contribute with their academic knowledge, they also filled these projects with many creative and fun ideas!”

Ms. Rita TANG
Senior Manager, Stakk Factory Limited

“Being a media startup of video content, finding right candidates is always a challenge. The students spent their summer with us, their exceptional creativity, passion and problem solving skills are impressive. It’s a real pleasure to work with them.”

Ms Rita FAN
Project Manager, Leadership 21, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

“It is our third year of collaboration with the HKU Service Leadership Internships. Thanks to this internship programme, it is our pleasure to work with groups of energetic, passionate and proactive students every summer. This year, interns were engaged in the revitalization of a Grade III Historical Building Former Fanling Magistracy. They not only showed a strong sense of commitment but were also competent to work independently producing quality outputs. These experiences were pleasant, and we all look forward to future collaboration again!”

Mr Paul CHAN
Co-founder & CEO, Walk in Hong Kong

‘We have been working with student interns under the Service Leadership Internships Scheme for two years, and are truly satisfied with their performance. Indeed, we are indebted to their immense help. The students are very committed and dedicated, and have a strong appetite for learning.’