Research Hub on Institutions of China at the University of Hong Kong is a faculty initiative for contemporary China studies founded and operated by Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Hong Kong. It is featured by international scholarly collaboration that advances academic research on institutions of China in the 21st century. The Research Hub is set up by the generous donation made by Mr. Hui Wing Mau, G.B.M., G.B.S., J.P. 

The Research Hub seeks to promote scholarly excellence in the field of China Studies, with a focus on China’s evolving political institutions. It also seeks to have a national policy impact on the future development of China.

The Research Hub aims to become a world-class platform that facilitates interdisciplinary, cross-institutional and cross-regional research collaboration, a coordinator for the communication of great minds that share a common interest in China’s past, present and future, and an incubator of innovative research that inspires younger generation of scholars on Contemporary China. It will also serve as a reliable source of policy advice, and a centre for university education and professional training, with social impact locally, nationally and internationally.




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