Urbanisation, sustainability and mobility

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The world is rapidly urbanising. As the age of the Mega-City unfolds around us, we see a huge opportunity to be a world-leading centre of research on where cities are going in the next 35 years and beyond. Hong Kong is one of the world’s great cities, and we stand on the edge of the extraordinary Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. This region provides an unsurpassed environment in which to study cities in all their complexity. This focus of the cluster will be on future cities, city-regions and city networks in our region and globally. The mission of this research cluster is to conduct leading social science research on developing smart and sustainable urban and mobility systems that are resilient, resource-efficient, environmentally friendly, and technology-enabled, and to understand how cities adapt to mass migration, health challenges, climate change, and economic expansion/contraction.

Research Clusters
- Cities 2050

Areas and Activities


Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence


Environmental, Economic and Social


Mass Migration, Movements and Transportation


Public Organisations,
NGOs & Public-private Partnerships


Professor Wai-fung Lam

Professor and Head

Department of Politics
and Public Administration

Professor Maggy Lee


Department of Sociology

Professor Becky Loo


Department of Geography

Critical Mass

The Cities 2050 research cluster comprises experts in urban and mobility studies, and aims at resolving urban challenges and improving the quality of life of citizens.


Events & Activities

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Visiting Professor appointments

Interdisciplinary Research Projects

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