Professional Training

Professional Workshops

Professional workshops are held regularly to empower stakeholders in promoting elderly mental wellness.

2017 Workshops

2018 Workshops

  • Approaches to Handling Sleep Problems
  • Mindfulness Approach for Managing Insomnia
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Perspective of Late-life Depression – A Strategic Integrative Approach
  • Brief Body-Mind-Spirit Group Therapy for TCM Stagnation Syndrome
  • Integrative Family and Systems Therapy (I-FAST) and Mental Health Treatment: Utilizing Family Strengths and Resilience
  • Get Busy Get Better: Helping Older Adults Beat the Blues Program
  • Introduction to Reminiscence
  • Instrumental Reminiscence Intervention in Hong Kong
  • Sharing Session on Smiley Activation Programme


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