Simon Shimshon Rubin & Ruth Malkinson (Half-day)

Workshop Title
Clinical Applications of the Continuing Bonds with the Deceased: Working with the Bereaved with the Two-Track Model of Bereavement

Purpose/ Objective of Workshop

Brief Description
The memories, affects and representations of significant others who have died and our recollection of interactions with them are central to psychological well-being in life and after their death. Intervention following loss need address the relationship to the deceased and its meaning for the bereaved. The Two-Track Model of Bereavement (Rubin, 1999) and  the Dual Process model are perspectives that focus on relationship. By separating biopsychosocial functioning (Track I) and the nature of the ongoing relationship to the deceased (Track II) following loss, it is possible to assess and plan intervention based on one or both tracks in the intervention schema. Assessment and intervention benefit from understanding individual, family, and cultural factors. We use clinical examples to demonstrate how biopsychosocial functioning and relationship to the deceased are central to structuring work with the bereaved. This workshop id directed to familiarizing persons with the Two-Track Model of Bereavement and its use in assessment and intervention with examples from cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, psychodynamic, and strategic interventions paradigms.

Recommended Text
Rubin, S.S., Malkinson, R. & Witztum, E. (2012). Working with the Bereaved: Multiple Lenses on Loss and Mourning. N.Y.: Routledge and Malkinson, R. (2007). Cognitive grief therapy: Constructing a rational meaning to life following loss. N.Y.: Norton.

Target Participants (and any pre-requisite)
Clinicians and Other Interested Persons

Open to non-conference attendees


Facilitator Bio

Simon Shimshon
Professor Simon Shimshon Rubin is professor of clinical psychology and director of the International Center for the Study of Loss, Bereavement and Human Resilience at the University of Haifa in Israel. Chairman of the Postgraduate Program in Psychotherapy, he has lectured and published extensively on bereavement, ethics, and psychotherapy.


Ruth Malkinson
Dr Ruth Malkinson is adjunct senior lecturer at the Bob Shapell School of Social Work at Tel Aviv University. She is the director of the Israeli Center of REBT. She is internationally recognized for her expertise in cognitive grief therapy and is the author of Cognitive Grief Therapy: Constructing a Rational Meaning to Life Following Loss (2007).

The speakers have been writing together for many years and have published Loss and Bereavement in Israel and Traumatic and Nontraumatic Loss and Bereavement as well as numerous articles.