Howard Winokuer Workshop 1 (Two-day)

Workshop Title
Foundations of Grief and Bereavement: Theories, Skill and Interventions for the Grief Counselor

Purpose/ Objective of Workshop
At the completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Develop a personal philosophy on dying, death and bereavement.
  2. Delineate the myths of grief from the facts of grief.
  3. Describe three stage-based models of grief.
  4. Understand two task-based models of grief.
  5. Identify three interactional modes of grief.
  6. Utilize a cognitive model of grief
  7. Explain the normal symptoms of grief.
  8. Identify the factors influencing grief.
  9. Implement Worden’s grief model in working with clients.
  10. Integrate the Principles of Grief Counseling in work with your clients.

Brief Description
This course examines key concepts related to the field of bereavement. Topics will include: current conceptualization of the grief process, contexts of grieving, challenges in bereavement, and grief in a global perspective. The course will provide participants with the knowledge that will enable them to work more effectively with grieving individuals, couples, families or groups coping with loss.

Target Participants (and any pre-requisite)
Grief and Bereavement Therapies in Contemporary Society is a foundation course that is based on the latest research, theoretical approaches, and best clinical practices in the field of Thanatology. The course will provide participants with a solid knowledge base in the area of bereavement therapy.  It is intended for professionals, volunteers, and support staff who work with the critically ill, the dying, or the bereaved.

Recommended Text
Neimeyer, R. A., Harris, D.L, Winokuer, H.R. & Thornton, G. F. (eds).  (2011). Grief and bereavement in contemporary society: Bridging research and practice. New York, NY: Routledge.


Facilitator Bio

Dr. Howard Winokuer As the founder of The Winokuer Center for Counseling and Healing, Howard Winokuer has been working in the field of dying, death and bereavement for over 30 years.  Bringing his experience as a grief counselor, college professor, author and hospice professional, Dr. Winokuer delivers a comprehensive view of our field “from the trenches,” helping colleagues understand the wide range of intricacies of grief counseling. Dr. Winokuer is a much sought-after speaker having presented programs throughout North America and in 11 foreign countries.  He has written many articles on grief and was co-editor of Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society: Bridging Research and Practice (2011) and co-author of Principles and Practices of Grief Counseling (2012).  Dr. Winokuer is the past president of Association for Death Education and Counseling.