ICGB 2014

Travel Information


Getting to HKU 前往香港大學

Visa Regulations

Hong Kong has a liberal visa policy whereby nationals of more than 163 countries can visit Hong Kong visa free. Bona fide congress delegates who do require visas will find that their applications are processed quickly. For more information on visa requirements to Hong Kong please click HERE.


Public Transportation Network

Hong Kong is a popular tourist city in the world. There are millions of tourists visiting Hong Kong each year. We have extensive public transportation network, including taxi, bus, tram, ferry and highly efficient subway system, to ensure Hong Kong is one of the world’s most convenient, omprehensive and inexpensive place.

When you arrive at Hong Kong International Airport, the easiest way to get to the city is with the Airport Express train, which you can catch from the arrival terminal. You can buy a train ticket in the arrival hall. If your hotel is on Hong Kong Island (the designated conference hotels near HKU), you can take the train to the last stop (labelled "Hong Kong"). At Hong Kong station, you can catch a taxi to your hotel.

You can also purchase a standard Octopus card which is a stored-value electronic card that can be used for most public transport (except taxis), purchase at all MTR Customer Service Centres, Light Rail Customer Service Centres; First Ferry Customer and Octopus Service Centres; and KMB Lok Ma Chau Ticketing Office. When you leave Hong Kong you can return the card and receive a refund for the unused balance.


Accessibility of Barrier-Free Transportation

Barrier-free travel means enjoying a holiday where everything is as accessible to those with restricted mobility as it is to those without. The “Access Guide” website (www.accessguide.hk) created by Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation has provided accessibility information including hotels, sightseeing points, shopping, dining and public transportation for disabled visitors coming to Hong Kong. The Transport Department has also issued a guide to public transport for people with disabilities.

If you would like to know more details, you can also visit (www.td.gov.hk/mini_site/people_with_disabilities/2009/13-2.html).

Hong Kong’s well-equipped transportation network also provides dedicated transport options for passengers with impeded mobility from their point of arrival to their in-town destination. Options include Diamond Cab, Accessible Hire Car and Rehabus. If you find it difficult to use public transport, you can go to the following website to look for their services.

- Diamond Cab: www.diamondcab.com.hk/en/
- Accessible Hire Car: www.rehabsociety.org.hk/e/ahc
- Rehabus: www.rehabsociety.org.hk/e/getContentd374.html