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About the Faculty

Socientist 社科人 is published twice a year by the Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong. For hard copies of Socientist, please e-mail us at The Faculty welcomes any form of contribution to Socientist. The Faculty of Social Sciences reserves the right to publish and edit any material submitted for publication. Views expressed in Socientist by individual contributors do not necessarily represent those of the Faculty or the University.

Issue 31

Summer 2019
The State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Sciences


Issue 30

Fall 2018
Feature: Empowering Families to Face Challenges of Social Changes


Issue 29

Spring 2018
Feature: Celebrating 50th Reunion


Issue 28

Fall 2017
Feature: Celebrating Half a Century of Impact


Issue 27

Fall 2016
Feature: Neighbourhood Empowerment for Elderly Mental Health


Issue 26

Spring 2016
Feature: Plasticity of Human Brains


Issue 25

Fall 2015
Feature: Understanding Climate Change


Issue 24

Spring 2015
Feature: Locating Hong Kong: City on the Edge


Issue 23

Fall 2014
Feature: Studies of Conflict and Cooperation of States


Issue 22

Spring 2014
Feature: Our Mental Well Being


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