Scholars and experts are invited to submit paper abstracts. An abstract with title, name and contact information of author(s) should be submitted on or before February 6, 2016. The Panel Chairs will review and select the paper abstracts. Submission of paper abstract other than the following panels is also accepted, please designate the theme as “Special Topic” for the Steering Committee’s consideration.


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Clusters (click “+” button to expand the panel list)

T01 Theories of Policy Process

Panel List
T01P01 Understanding Policy Formulation Spaces and Styles: Policy Capacity & Policy Design
T01P02 Proportionality in Public Policy
T01P03 Higher Education Governance: Theorizing Convergence and Diversity
T01P04 The Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis and its Contributions to Public Policy
T01P06 Agenda Dynamics and Interest Groups
T01P07 Global Outsourcing and Public Policy: Moving Toward a More Proactive Stakeholder Focus
T01P08 Governing
T01P09 Multi-level Governance of Common Pool Resources
T01P10 Institutional Variation and the Policy Process: Policy Agendas in State-Centered Systems
T01P11 The Advocacy Coalition Framework: Research Challenges and Opportunities in Asia
T01P12 New Case Study Methods in Public Policy Analysis
T01P13 Theory Development in Cross National Environmental Policy Analysis
T01P14 Implementing Public Policies through Policy Networks in East Asia
T01P15 Needs for Nodes: Circulations of Ideas and Decision Making
T01P16 The Emergence and Development of Policy Analysis in Asia

T02 The Environment

Panel List
T02P01 Understanding China’s Energy Policymaking Process
T02P02 Public Policy and Chronic Illness: Addressing Behavioral Complexity
T02P03 Public Health Policy: “World Wellness” Framework For Preventing Illness and Improving Population Health
T02P04 Globalisation of Environmental Policy: National and International Interactions
T02P05 Opportunities and Challenges for Environmental Policy Innovation in China: Insights from Key Issue Areas

T03 Politics and Conflict Resolution

Panel List
T03P01 Public Policy Making on Disability Rights
T03P02 Conflict Resolution in Pension Policy
T03P03 Theory and Practices of Institutional Collective Action Mechanism in Asia: Collective Problem Solving in Complex Metropolitan Governance
T03P04 Complexities of Forecasting and Response to Extremist Violence and Civil Conflict
T03P05 Complexity and the Politics of Knowledge Policies: Multi-issue, Multi-level and Multi-actor
T03P06 Policy Implementation in China Reconsidered: Beyond the Incentive Model
T03P07 Contemporary Policy Process and Democracy. What Policy “Partial Regimes” and Subsystems are Doing to Democracy?
T03P08 Public Policy, Administration and Policymakers in a World of Transnational Problems

T04 Structural Reform

Panel List
T04P01 Governing Global Policy
T04P02 Governance Innovations in Complex Policy Fields
T04P04 Changing Public Policy and Regulatory Framework
T04P05 From the State to the Market: Rethinking Water Governance in a Globalised World
T04P06 Governing thru Restructuring in the Time of Financial Scarcity
T04P07 Toward the Next Generation of Managing Policy Reform
T04P08 Agents of Policy Convergence in Regulatory Regionalism
T04P09 Asian Cities as Policy Innovation Hub
T04P10 Local Government Entrepreneurship in China: Promises and Perils

T05 Comparative Public and Social Policy

Panel List
T05P01 Complexity in Public Policy: Problems, Processes, People
T05P02 Urban Policy Formation and Public Preparation: Comparative Wellbeing in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai
T05P03 Local Social Policies in Asia
T05P04 Migration and Multicultural Diversity in Asia: From A Comparative Policy Perspective to Dynamic Changes
T05P05 Diversifying Legal Services to the Poor: Role of State and Potential Partnerships
T05P06 The Influence of Public Opinion on Public Policy: Normative, Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives
T05P07 Comparative Regionalism: A New Research Agenda with the Public Policy Approach
T05P08 Comparative Analysis of Public-Private Partnerships
T05P09 Teaching Public Policy in Asia
T05P10 Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Public Services: Policy Challenges in Asia
T05P11 What Interaction between Policy Process and Political Regime
T05P12 Food Security and Public Policy
T05P13 Policy Space and Industrial Development: Recent Practices of Industrial Policy in the Industrial Aspirant Countries of Asia and Africa

T06 Special Topic

Submission of paper abstracts other than the above panels