The summer programme is a brilliant way for students to explore diverse knowledge offered by the Faculty of Social Science, to meet with existing HKU students, and to experience hall life.  The Gorgeous 5-"Gs"  feature the Goodness of public and social services, the changes and gaps of Generations, the development and sustainability of Global City, the awakening and awareness of Gender issues, as well as the science and nature of the human Gratitude.

The programme is designed for students to explore their way to live a fruitful and meaningful life from social sciences.  With the support of the Departments of Geography, Politics and Public Administration, Psychology, Social Work and Social Administration, Sociology and Journalism and Media Studies Centre to organise lectures, tutorials, field visits and team projects, participants will be stimulated and encouraged to think and learn more about life planning.  They will also be inspired to develop their own views on related social issues.  A highlight of the programme, the high table dinner is a traditional event at The University of Hong Kong.   Students, parents/family members and Academic Staff will gather together to interact while enjoying the dinner.

Students will be divided into groups and each group will be mentored by current Social Sciences students.  On the last day of the programme, students are required to make a group project presentation at an open forum in an innovative way, parents and teachers are welcome to join.



Secondary School / High School Students (SS1 to SS2, or equivalent level) including:

  • Local and International students who are pondering future University Studies;
  • Homecoming overseas students for summer vacation;
  • Mainland high school Students
Programme Fee
HK$4000 (including Day 1 welcoming lunch, High table dinner, Day 5 farewell lunch and accommodation)
*Special discount of 20% will be given to applicants whose family members is/are the alumni of the Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU


HKU Residential Hall