Cultivating a safe campus in uncertain times

Venue: Social Sciences Function Room
Time: Thursday 22 August 2019, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

How can we cultivate a safe, inclusive campus for our students in light of the social turmoil caused by recent political demonstrations in Hong Kong?

•  Do you feel that the University is going to welcome you back to campus?
•  What will help you to feel you belong on campus?
•  Do you feel safe at HKU?
•  Do you feel able to express yourself freely?
•  How can the University improve the campus environment?

We invite HKU Faculty of Social Sciences students from all backgrounds to join a student forum to discuss campus safety and inclusion.

We value your ideas and want to hear from you about your concerns and experiences. The session will be led by Faculty members, with a focus on open, friendly discussion.

Dr. Margaret J. Burnett, Director & Lecturer, Corporate Environmental Governance Programme, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dr. Christian Chan, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Dr. Tom McDonald, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

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