Sharing by Students

Sharing by Students


1) Student intern at JJJ Association

  • “Working in JJJ Association was an inspiring and fulfilling journey which provided me with an ample opportunity in understanding the true nature of sex industry and sex workers. Thought the experience of visiting sex workers at their workplace was indeed physically and mentally challenging, it was truly rewarding to talk with them face to face. I was able to sharpen my mind and altered my inherent values towards sex workers after communicating and sharing their life and work. After the two-month internship, I have gained incredibly different perspectives on sex industry and sex workers, and was inspired to reflect on the importance of respect and diversity, which are the core values in a pluralistic society that we claimed ourselves have belonged to. In addition, I was given the opportunities to design newsletters, attend meetings at Hong Kong Police Headquarter as well as organize annual events. This experience has equipped me with essential skills for future career. Another valuable gain in this SLI was the spirits of team work which we work closely and solved problems effectively, and the process and experience of shared leadership let me further explore my strengths and weaknesses.”

    by ~ Denise Chan


2) Student intern at HKFYG, Jockey Club M21

  • My responsibilities at HKFYG Jockey M21 were straightforward: To produce an internet video series for young people to watch, and to assist the M21 production crew. And since I have had virtually no experience in the field, I was simply told to do one thing: to fix things that have gone wrong. A lot of things can go wrong in a 10 hour filming session with a 20 person crew and 5 actors in 3 scenes involving 4 different locations consisting of 4 pages of dialogue and each line having 2 or 3 camera angles. So when things do begin to crash and burn, it is important to fix them immediately to ensure that the crew does not have to do overtime and have McDonald’s for dinner for another night. While fixing things may not sound very difficult or important, it was actually during these simple fixing processes rather than the massive multi-million PR projects or the international study tour presentations that I have gain the most from this entire internship. Because in order to fix things efficiently, I had to learn to pool in the team’s knowledge by collaborating with my teammates, seek help from the more experienced, but more often than not, apply myself in order to identify and deal with the problems. And these skills are essential and appreciated regardless of what you do or where you end up being.
    - Never treat mistakes or problems as trivial, because they will bite you when you least expect it.
    - If something goes wrong, fix it.
    - Trust your teammates; very often they can help you see problems from different angles and help you in finding solutions.
    - If something goes wrong, fix it.
    - Have faith in yourself, everyone started as a blank slate, competence is gained with experience.
    - Do not forget that if something goes wrong, it needs to be fixed.
    - Be humble and stay open-minded, there are always something you can learn from those around you.
    - Fix things when they go wrong.
    - Make connections with others, these will help you when you most need it.
    - If something goes wrong, fix it.
    - Do not be afraid to challenge yourself, because even if it goes wrong, you can always fix it after.
    - And last be not least, if something goes wrong, fix it.”

    by ~ Eric Li

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3) Student intern at the Heep Hong Society

  • “The two months I spent interning at Heep Hong Society during the summer proved to be a fun, rewarding and fruitful learning experience. The internship was split into two parts, with the first six weeks completing literature research to support a treatment model for ADHD designed by Heep Hong and the last two weeks assisting a physiotherapist at a day camp for children with ADHD. The best part of this arrangement was that it allowed us to draw connections from what we had read in the literature to our own observations of the children. Constantly discussing the wealth of information we had encountered during the reading process and linking it to what we saw right before our eyes proved to be fascinating. Knowing that we could apply so much of what we read in real life situations was also extremely satisfying and rewarding.One of the most outstanding aspects of the SLI internship is the teamwork. Through participating in SLI, you truly learn to cooperate and work with others in an authentic work setting. Furthermore, interning as group not only allowed me to partake in numerous discussions that gave me new insights into different problems and situations, but also allowed me to brainstorm and pool my ideas with others. Through this process of collaboration, we produced results which were far better than those we would have produced on our own. Leadership, learning from others and combining individual strengths go hand in hand.

    by ~ Julia Chan

4) Student intern at the Neighborhood Advice-Action Council – Harmony Manor

  • “A job that serves people with a handicap or disability requires a genuine and open heart, and to serve a task of a wholly unfamiliar nature calls for modesty in learning and courage to explore and innovate. My SLI experience in the Neighborhood Advice-Action Council – Harmony Manor entails a fascinating combination of these conditions, in which the day-to-day personal contact with the ‘members’ refined my way of looking into a person’s inherent value; and the success in making a two-hundred-page life education teaching manual, which, to be frank, might possibly be more well-developed were centre’s social workers free enough to produce it on their own, led to my confirmation that there is always an opportunity to breakthrough – but only if the team is aligned on the same orientation and squaring up to a high standard of performance.”

    by ~ Brian Lee

5) Student intern at the Adsmart Hong Kong Limited

  • “Although getting two issues of magazine designed by our own published is really exciting and amazing, the most rewarding part of this internship is the development of growth mindset-always ready to learn and develop our own ability. During this 8-week experience, we changed from novices with little knowledge of publishing and designing to “experts” in publishing magazines, proficient at Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other software. With this growth mindset cultivated in the internship, I become more open-minded and ready to explore my potentiality in the future.”

    by ~ Wang Xin

6) Student intern at the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – Leadership 21

  • “I am so happy to have worked with a great team. The Organizing Committee of the Summer School for Effective Leadership 2013 is indeed a team of talents. All of us are fully devoted to our duties, and have practiced shared leadership in the operation of SSEL. Although many of us are new to the SSEL, the SSEL 2013 family overcame the difficulties by close cooperation.”

    by ~ Patrick Lui