Early Career Scheme Awards 2017-2018
Principal Investigator    Department Project Titles
Award (HK$)
Dr. X. Hu Psychology How Memory Control Influences Unwanted Emotional Memories' Automatic Expressions

Dr. X.S Li Psychology Effects of group cognitive behavioural therapy on comorbid insomnia and depression in youth: a randomised, assessor blind, parallel group trial

Dr. K.M.K. Shum Psychology Beyond Language and Literacy: What Can Preschoolers With and Without ASD Gain from Dialogic Reading? 

Dr. J.S.H. Wang Social Work and Social Administration Public and Private Safety Nets and Poverty Dynamics in Taiwan and Southeast China – A Mixed-Methods Examination of the Transitional East Asian Welfare Regime

Dr. G.H.Y. Wong Social Work and Social Administration Effectiveness of Targeting Residual Delusional Ideations in Cognitive Behavioural Approach to Reduce Social Anxiety in People with Early Psychosis

Dr. T. McDonald Sociology Digital money and migration in China: Contemporary monetary practices and imagined economic futures

Dr. P. Wang Sociology Explaining the persistence of campaign-style policing against organised crime in mainland China

Dr. L. Wang Sociology Legal Discrimination and Civilianizing Frontier:  A Comparative Study of Criminalization in Gansu (1750s-1850s) and Inner Mongolia (1850-1920)