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Nature, Earth and Human - Mui Tsz Lam Art Revitalization Project

Mui Tsz Lam, located in the northeastern part of the New Territories and adjacent to Lai Chi Wo, was built in 1661 with the history of nearly 400 years. This beautiful Hakka village is like a paradise but has been abandoned for a long time. In recent years, thanks to the efforts of the village chief, Mui Tsz Lam has restored its water and electricity supply and the fruit trees in the terraced fields.

With the theme of "Nature, earth and human", the project revitalizes Mui Tsz Lam through the establishments of cultural center, mural creations, art exhibitions, guided tours, workshops and lectures to enable the public understanding more about Mui Tsz Lam's natural ecology, humanity and Hakka culture. The cultural center, a revitalized old village house, embodies art exhibition areas, Hakka living areas, work spaces and Hakka shops, special exhibitions and workshops are held regularly. The mural creation was curated by the natural painter Human Ip. Painting on the exterior of a broken village house and children's playground facilities injects a new life into the village. The creation of murals is the collaborative efforts of villagers and schools in the district.

Through a series of activities, the project exhibits the original appearance of the village so that the public can deeply experience the atmosphere of rural ecology, art and culture and interact with the villagers, and be immersed in the natural scenery of Mui Tsz Lam, and experience the long history of Hakka village.


Project Team:

Project Proponent: Association for Sha Tau Kok Cultural and Ecology
Built on Sha Tau Kok, an enthusiast in cultural heritage and natural ecology, promotes the concept of cultural heritage, nature conservation and caring for the community.

Partner Organisation: Hong Kong Ecotourism & Travels Professional Training Center
Develop professional environmental and ecological training courses to enable students to understand the importance of environmental conservation.

Mural Curator: Ip Hiu Man, Human
Hong Kong writer and painter, graduated from the department of Chinese Language and Literature. She has held a solo exhibition " Sleepless Flower", " Flowers and一Animals in Urban Forests" and "In the Hills -Note on Hong Kong Plants and Animals". She is interested in countryside. In recent years, she has been devoted to nature writing. In 2014 and 2016, she released "In Search of Flora" and " In Search of Flora 2". At the end of 2017, she released the book "In Search of Fauna". Her latest novel in 2019 is based on Hong Kong's natural ecology and is called " Hermit in situ".

Executive Team: Charles Lee, Tammy Cheung, Norris Wong, Crystal Chan, SH Cheung