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Current Project

Murmur of the Brick – Rurally Engaged Art
An Art Installation project in Lai Chi Wo, celebrating the Art and Culture of Hong Kong’s own Hakka Heritage

Project Proponent: Art for All

Partner Organisation: Caritas Lung Yeuk Tau Community Development Scheme

Artists Team: Evelyna Liang, Monti Wai-yi Lai, Eric Man-kei Ng, Wong Wing Fung 

Technical Team: Woody Leung, Rosa Chan, Jerry Yu

On Earth
Lai Chi Wo Art Project

Project Proponents: Rachel Cheung, Suzanne Au, Dexter Lee, Yiu Chun Wa

 荔枝窩藝術計劃「尋田 · 探土」


Nature, Earth and Human
Mui Tsz Lam Art Revitalization Project

Project Proponent: Association for Sha Tau Kok Cultural and Ecology

Partner Organisation: Hong Kong Ecotourism & Travels Professional Training Center

Mural Curator: Ip Hiu Man, Human

Executive Team: Charles Lee, Tammy Cheung, Norris Wong, Crystal Chan, SH Cheung



Pilot Project

Restored Village Complex

Project Initiator: Policy for Sustainability Lab, Centre for Civil Society and Governance, The University of Hong Kong

Engaged Organisation: The Centre for Architectural Heritage Research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong