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About the Academy
Sustainable Communities Fellowship Scheme

About the Academy

The Academy for Sustainable Communities (the Academy) was established by the Policy for Sustainability Lab in 2018 with a vision to become a regional knowledge exchange platform to disseminate knowledge of sustainability and incubate a new generation of change agents for sustainability. The Academy offers curriculum-based courses, seminars, forums and field-based activities covering sustainability-related knowledge and skill sets.

The Academy offers sustainability related curricula in four key learning areas:


The Academy adopts a holistic learning strategy. The teaching team comprises of local and international experts. Programmes will be offered in collaboration with non-governmental organisations and professional associations.


Sustainable Communities Fellowship Scheme

Course graduates and activity participants of the Academy can join the Sustainable Communities Fellowship Scheme. The scheme offers a platform for committed individuals to join force in the pursuit of community-based sustainability and facilitates experience sharing across different disciplines and sectors. Among other benefits such as involvement in food processing R&D, fellows would enjoy privileges in enrolling in activities of the Academy and participating in Sustainability Hackathons and the Rural in Action Start-up Scheme.

Application: To apply for the Sustainable Communities Fellowship Scheme, please download and complete the application form and submit it to ruralsd@hku.hk