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Project Overview

In June 2011, The University of Hong Kong launched the "Global Forest Observatory: Public Involvement and Training in Scientific Research in Hong Kong" project (the Project). The Project has received a 3-year (2011-14) donation of HK$5.9M from the Hongkong Bank Foundation.

The two key project objectives are:

To establish a 20-hectare observatory forest plot in Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve as the FIRST research attempt in Hong Kong to investigate the impacts of climate change on forests dynamics; and
To establish a 1-hectare demonstration plot in Shek Kong for public education purpose. One of the important aims of the training programme is to nurture ordinary citizens to become "Professional Volunteers" in scientific research.
The forest research plots initiated by the Center for Tropical Forest Science of Harvard University
(Source: http://www.ctfs.si.edu/)
The establishment of the 20 ha Forest Dynamic Plot (FDP) is Hong Kong’s FIRST and currently the ONLY FDP joining the international research programme jointly initiated by the Center for Tropical Forest Science, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University and the Smithsonian Institution

The FDP programme has more than 75 institutional partners worldwide monitoring 41 large FDPs. Hong Kong was listed as a potential site and now the 42th FDP . Tree species diversity, and abundance, as well as tree growth and survival would be monitored on long term basis to enable the study of forest dynamics.  This has been a very successful international research programme with a very good output of scientific information.  In recent years, the importance of the FDPs with respect to climate change research has been increasing.

While the observatory site would be monitored for scientific research on forest sciences and climate change, the 1 ha demonstration plot was an attempt to provide education, training and engagement opportunity for teachers, university students, people working in the relevant fields and the public at large.
Locations of the FDP and demonstration plot.
(Source: Google Map)
Location of the 20 ha FDP in Tai Po Kau Nature Research.
Location of the 1 ha demonstration plot in Shek Kong.