Programme Introduction
In collaboration with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva (Geneva), the Faculty offers a concurrent degree “Bachelor of Social Sciences + Master of Arts (Anthropology and Sociology of Development or International Economics or International History or International Law or International Relations/Political Science or International Affairs or Development Studies)” to Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSocSc) students.  BSocSc students will complete 3 years of study at HKU and apply to Geneva for admission to one of their designated MA programmes.

On admission, students will complete their HKU 4th year of study in Geneva taking graduate-level courses at the Graduate Institute, the credits for which will be transferred back to HKU.  After successfully completing their 4th year of study in Geneva, students may obtain the Bachelor degree of Social Sciences (Bachelor of Social Sciences) from HKU and stay on for an additional year to obtain an MA degree from Geneva.  The learning experience at the Graduate Institute, which will include an optional internship in one of the 40 international organisations based in Geneva, can facilitate graduates to pursue careers in one of these organisations such as various UN Offices, WTO, and organisations in labor, telecommunications, human rights, HIV/AIDS etc.

Admission Criteria
The admission criteria are as follows:

  1. 1.    Students in their third year of study in the 2017/18 academic year.  Please note that students should have completed at least 180 credits at HKU including the Capstone project and have fulfilled the Social Innovation requirement as well as UG5 of the Regulation for First Degree Curricula by the end of Year III.

  2. The cGPA should be 3.5 or above.

(Students with a lower cGPA would also be considered based on other achievements, and academic performance in courses related to the applied discipline.)

Moreover, the following MA programmes would have special entry requirements:
MA in Economics: GRE test score
MA in International Law: Basic knowledge in law

Application Details
Students who are interested in applying for this dual degree should submit the application via together with the following documents usually by mid-October:

  • Letter of motivation describing why you wish to join the programme (a maximum of 800 words);
  • Academic transcript; and
  • Two Academic References

Please note that the quota for this dual degree is a maximum of 3.  Students with a non-French background will be requested to undertake French classes during their studies at Geneva.  Yet, French proficiency level is not an admission requirement for the master programmes.

Students will be invited for interview. Results will be announced in mid-December. All successful candidates will be required to complete an online application with an application fee of CHF100 (approx. HK$800) made payable to Geneva through their online payment system (i.e. Paypal) at the time of submitting the online application form.

Further information on the MA degree can be viewed at

A list of frequently asked questions can be found here.

Should you have any questions and need further information, please feel free to contact the Faculty of Social Sciences at