Bachelor of Social Sciences [BSocSc]
Code: 6717
"I think it’s really good that our faculty encourages students to go for exchange. I’ve learnt so much during this period of time, especially on how to become a more independent learner."
TSUI Yuen Ting
Programme Introduction
Students in this curriculum may choose to major in one of the six core disciplines: China Studies, Geography, Politics and Public Administration, Psychology, Social Work and Social Administration, and Sociology. Students may also opt for a double major in multidisciplinary options such as Cognitive Science, Counselling, Criminology, Media and Cultural Studies, and Urban Governance as well as other majors offered by the University. Students can choose to combine a major with one or two minors. The Bachelor of Social Sciences curriculum requires all students as a condition of graduation, to undertake 24 credits (equivalent to 4 courses) of off-campus learning. 12 credits each must be taken in two areas: Social Innovation and Global Citizenship.
Core Features
The Faculty has identified two overarching themes for its undergraduate curricula: Social Innovation and Global Citizenship. Students are required, as a condition of graduation, to undertake 24 credits of off-campus learning under these twin themes.
Social Innovation
We seek to nurture a good understanding of social issues through first-hand practical experience in local/overseas organisations; provide a training platform for students to apply knowledge and skills acquired at the University to real work situations; and assist students to become more socially aware, develop critical thinking and analytical ability so that they can identify practical solutions to complex problems as well as improve their interpersonal and communication skills.
Global Citizenship
We seek to equip students with knowledge, skills, global village through our curriculum, student activities, and off-campus learning opportunities, including non-local internships, exchanges, and summer school programmes approved by the Faculty.
Programme Structure of BSocSc

Programme within BSocSc
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