Public Policy at HKU


Hong Kong is second only to Singapore in terms of the scale of public housing provision. About one-third of the population lives in government subsidized public rental housing, another one-sixth in government subsidized for-sale flats. However, the land and house prices are also of record high in world scale. While there are glamourous skyscrapers and luxurious private housing apartments, there are also a large number of old buildings, lacking good maintenance and thus having potential structural problems. Urban renewal brings about gentrification to the disadvantage of old and poor people. Poor housing conditions are prevalent, having partitioned rooms, rooftops, and even street sleepers. Influx of migrants and natural growth of population exacerbate housing demand, further worsening the problems of housing shortage and rocketing house prices, leading to vicious cycle of unfavourable or inadequate housing. Population density in Hong Kong is also one of the highest in the world. There have been controversies as to whether there really is shortage of land for building housing, private and public included, or it is maladministration of the government or even collusion between government and the private property developers. Tension arises as to whether Hong Kong should encroach upon the rural countryside to accommodate its increasing population. Our faculty are at the forefront of research and advocacy in this important area.


Project Team: Dr. Chui Ernest Wing Tak, Dr. Law Chi Kwong, Mr. Wong Yun Chuen


Selected Projects

  1. Promoting Aging-in-Place for Elderly Tenants in Rental Estates of Hong Kong Housing Society, funded by the Hong Kong Housing Society.
  2. Comprehensive Study on The Housing Needs of the Elderly in Hong Kong, funded by Hong Kong Housing Society (2007).
  3. Comprehensive Study on The Housing Needs of the Elderly in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Housing Society (2003).