Public Policy at HKU

Long Term Care

The population in Hong Kong is aging rapidly. By 2041, about 30% of HK residents will be 65 years or older. Over the last two decades, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(HKSAR) Government, partnered with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), has developed comprehensive long term care services that are funded by tax dollars and available, almost free, to all Hong Kong residents. However, the system is unbalanced with more resources going to residential care than community care, and the major funding pool is nearly replied on Government which is unsustainable. Driven by the unbalanced system, older people in Hong Kong prefer residential care, creating one of the highest nursing home utilization rates in developed countries and a long waiting list for nursing home care. The goals of long term care policy research are to understand how to rebalance the long term care system in Hong Kong by developing more culturally appropriate evidence-based community care and introducing participant directed care, and to make the system more sustainable by promoting private and public partnership to address raising long term care needs in Hong Kong for the coming decades.


Project Team: Dr. Lum Terry Yat Sing, Dr. Chui Ernest Wing Tak,
Dr. Law Chi Kwong, Dr. Lou Vivian Weiqun


Selected Projects

  1. Three-year Project on Enhancement of the Infrastructure of Long-term Care in Hong Kong, funded bySocial Welfare Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  2. Characteristics and Predictors of Productive Ageing Involvement among Older Chinese in Hong Kong, funded by the Research Grant Council.
  3. Family Caregiving and Long Term Care Decision of Frail Elderly People in Hong Kong, funded by University Research Committee – Seed Funding for Basic Research.
  4. A Cross National Comparison of Caregiving Barriers and Supports Between the United States, China, and Sweden, funded by the Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging’s Global Aging Initiative funding program, Washington University.
  5. Casemix Study on the Community Care Services for the Elderly, funded by Social Welfare Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  6. Study on Enhancement of Integrated Home Care Service, funded by the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society.
  7. Model predicting health outcomes of family caregivers of Chinese dementia sufferers: A sequential explanatory mixed method study, funded by the Research Grant Council.