Public Policy at HKU




Retirement protection policy has been a controversy for decades. This is a classic public policy debate that involves a wide spectrum of ideologies, interests and values in our society; and the prospect of a consensus has seemed remote. Yet, retirement protection policy is a critical issue impinging upon the long term development of an aging society.

Commissioned by the Government, Professor Nelson Chow has submitted a consultancy study report with recommendations on the future development of retirement protection in HK, in August 2014. The Government responded that the subject is highly complex and controversial, which will affect all Hong Kong people and have far-reaching implications for our public finances, society and economy. The community needs to discuss the relevant issues in depth, and that the Government keeps an open mind on the issue and will listen carefully to the views of all stakeholders.



  • To engage and enable citizens, civil society organizations, opinion leaders and policy actors to have a clear understanding of the evidence-based analysis of the policy choices and the social value behind these options, the empirical information on implementation strategies and impact of proposed solutions.
  • To provide a platform to map divergent interests and views from problem definition to the framing of policy issues, choices and decisions with a view to foster constructive policy dialogues.
  • To discuss the issue within the frame of public policy making with a view to identifying common ground and searching for consensus.


Team Members

  • Professor Cecilia Chan, Social Work and Social Administration, HKU
  • Professor Christine Fang, Faculty of Social Sciences, help with assignment HKU (Co-ordinator)
  • Professor Wai-fung Lam, Associate Dean (Innovation), Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU