Public Policy at HKU


The Hong Kong population has experienced a rapid transition in the last decade and is facing an intensifying low birth rate, inadequate supply of labour force, high elderly dependency and aging population. Hong Kong Government is working on a comprehensive population policy to respond to these challenges and our faculty are key consultants in this process.

Changes in population dynamics have an enormous impact on public policies, namely, labour, housing, education, medical and health, welfare etc. Population policies are deliberately constructed for modifying institutional arrangements and specific programsthroughwhichgovernmentsinfluence,directly or indirectly, demographic change to lessen its impact on societies.

We are developing systematic strategies to closely monitor Hong Kong’s population changes and examine relevant short, medium and long term policies to address these critical issues.


Project Team: Dr. Chan Celia Hoi Yan, Dr. Ho Petula Sik Ying, Dr. Law Chi Kwong, Dr. Lum Terry Yat Sang, Dr. Wong Paul Wai Ching, Professor Yip Paul Siu Fai


Selected Projects

  1. A Study of Population Policy for Hong Kong, funded by Research Grant Council Strategic Public Policy Research Funding.
  2. A Study of Aspiration of Fertility Amongst Married Women in Hong Kong (age 15-49), funded by the Central Policy Unit – Public Policy Research Funding Scheme.
  3. A Study of Movement of Type 1 and 2 Babies in Hong Kong, funded by the Central Policy Unit – Public Policy Research Funding Scheme.