Public Policy at HKU



Professoriate staff

Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor John P. Burns

Professor Danny W.F. Lam

Dr. Elaine Y.M. Chan

Professor Christine M.S. Fang

Professor Alan N. Lai

Professor Bernadette W.S. Tsui

Professor John Bacon-Shone

Department of Geography

Dr. Wendy Y. Chen

Professor C.Y. Jim

Dr. Frederick Y.S. Lee

Professor George C.S. Lin

Professor Becky P.Y. Loo

Dr. Cho Nam Ng

Dr. James J. Wang


Department of Politics and Public Administration

Dr. Peter T.Y. Cheung

Dr. Jung Eun Kim

Professor Wai-fung Lam

Professor Eliza W.Y. Lee

Dr. Helen K.H. Liu

Dr. Xiaoqi Wang

Dr. Xiaojun Yan

Dr. Jiangnan Zhu

Professor Cecilia L.W. Chan

Dr. Celia Chan

Dr. Edward K.L. Chan

Dr. Amy Y.M. Chow

Professor Nelson Chow

Dr. Cheryl H.K. Chui

Dr. Ernest W.T. Chui

Dr. Rainbow T.H. Ho

Ms. Heidi S.K. Hui

Dr. Lucy P. Jordan

Ms. Lydia L.S. Lam

Dr. Ben M.F. Law

Dr. Chi Kwong Law

Dr. Frances Y.W. Law

Dr. Grace S.M. Leung

Dr. Vivian W.Q. Lou

Dr. Terry Y.S. Lum

Dr. Maosheng Ran

Dr. Sandra K.M. Tsang

Professor Samson S.K. Tse

Dr. Paul W.C. Wong

Mr. Yun Chuen Wong

Dr. Elsie C.W. Yan

Professor Paul S.F. Yip


Department of Sociology

Dr. Travis S.K. Kong

Dr. Beatrice O.Y. Lam

Professor Maggy S.Y. Lee

Professor Karen Laidler

Dr. C.H. Ng

Dr. Peng Wang

Dr. Tommy Tse

Professor Terry Y.S. Au

Professor Cecilia Cheng

Professor Connie Ho

Dr. Shui-fong Lam



Professoriate staff


Dr. Ray Wang
Postdoctoral Fellow

Mr. Owen Wong
Research Assistant

Ms. Zardas S.M. Lee
Research Assistant

Dr. Rikkie L.K. Yeung
Research Officer



Professoriate staff


Professor Karen J. Bakker
Distinguished Visiting Professor

Professor James L. Perry
Distinguished Visiting Professor

Professor James E. Nickum

Scholars favor to at any time all of them are without gratis opening.