Public Policy at HKU

Plan and Deliverables

The plan and deliverables will be focusing on specific policy issues related to three major areas:

  • Employment for persons in recovery from severe mental illness (including work-life balance issues)
  • Reducing stigma and discrimination associated with severe mental illness
  • Mental health promotion in the context of Asian communities

  The above plan will undergo further consultations

  1. International Benchmarking and Study of Critical Data. These two streams of work are pertinent to the development of an evidence-based policy framework within a multi-disciplinary social care context. The study will cover the followings:
  2.     Setting the scene such as:

    • cultural and historical factors, principles and key values
    • concept of mental health and welling including the dominant and indigenous discourse
    • health economic data (e.g., productivity loss estimation)

        Mental illness prevalence and vulnerable/ special needs populations such as:

    • needs and strengths analysis of service users with common mental disorder and severe mental disorder (two distinctively different groups)
    • the internationally accepted best practice standards
    • family and caregivers– their needs, positive caregiving experience and their caregiving roles

        Interventions and evaluation:

    • service accessibility
    • successful case(s) of integrating with general health and social services policy framework
    • innovative ideas and practices (e.g., peer support services)– locally, in nearby countries and internationally
  3. Seeking research funding from internal (e.g., Knowledge exchange), external grants (e.g., Public Policy Research, General Research Fund) and private donors.
  4. Dissemination of information through public education and local media. Its target is to the general public on positive practices for mental health e.g., holding school based events that are fun, developing ‘good practice’ guidelines for encouraging positive mental health practices in the workplace.
  5. Holding an international conference on mental health and social policy in Hong Kong and beyond – what we can learn from overseas and the implications of lessons learnt from Hong Kong to other jurisdictions- the two-way exchange of East-West health and wellbeing.
  6. An interactive web-site will be developed specifically for this public policy initiative to promote the exchange of ideas and to share resources.
  7. Recruit 2-3 research postgraduate students to work on this “Grand Challenge”.



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