Public Policy at HKU

Children and Family Welfare

Family is the basic unit in society. The Department of Social Work and Social Administration (SWSA) of the University of Hong Kong has established itself as the leader in family research. There are 60 Integrative Family Services Centres (IFSC) aiming at the provision of services to all families in Hong Kong. The Department of SWSA was instrumental in the establishment of this new service mode through a evaluation project of all Family Services in Hong Kong. The conversion of the previous Public Assistance (PA) to the current Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme was also made possible because of a series of advocacy movements lead of Professor Cecilia Chan. Child benefits were raised significantly in the CSSA compared to the old form of PA. The current Community Care Fund Chaired by Dr. CK Law, is also promoting new policy initiatives such as Care Giver Allowance to alleviate hardships in families with special needs. The Poverty Commission has adopted programs and policies proposed by HKU colleagues aiming at the support for children in the prevention of multi-generational poverty.

Besides financial assistance, divorce, domestic conflict and violence are creating life long trauma on the population as well. The teams in the Faculty of Social Sciences had established itself as the leading experts in the area of family violence and neglect, intimate partner violence (IPV), child maltreatment, trafficking and abandonment in Hong Kong and China. The links between family victimization, parental conflict, addiction or poor health provide insight into the potential effectiveness of identifying at-risk families among parents as well as the possibility of establishing bonuses screening tools or detection mechanism of family violence in clinics or services that deal with addictive behaviors or mental health. Holistic screening systems are helping to identify at-risk families such that timely interventions are supporting positive family and community development as well as influencing service delivery models and policy making.


Project Team: Dr. Chan Edward Ko Ling, Dr. Choi Anna Wai Man, Dr. Jordan Lucy Porter, Dr. Tsang Sandra Kit Man, Dr. Yeung Ka Ching


Selected Projects

  1. Trends in Family Attitudes and Values in Hong Kong, funded by the Central Policy Unit, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  2. Child Sexual Abuse in China & the Development of Child Protection Network and Protocol in China, funded by the UBS Optimus Foundation, Switzerland.
  3. Children with Disability and Victimization in a Representative Sample of Students in Hong Kong, funded by Research Grants Council – General Research Fund (GRF).
  4. Social Integration of Children Born in Hong Kong to Mainland women: A study of Long-term Implications on Education, Health and Social Services, funded by Research Grants Council – Strategic Public Policy Research Funding.
  5. A Longitudinal Study on Intimate Partner Violence Against Chinese Pregnant Women and Child Abuse in Hong Kong, funded by Research Grants Council – Public Policy Research Funding.
  6. Epidemiology of Child Abuse and Its Geographic Distribution in Hong Kong – An Important Social Indicator of Different Districts and Communities, funded by the Central Policy Unit, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  7. A Pilot Study on Cross-Boundary Families in Hong Kong: Children Born in Hong Kong to Mainland Women, funded by the Central Policy Unit, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  8. Child Welfare Development and Social Inclusion of at-Risk Children in Hong Kong, funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club ExCEL3 Project.
  9. Male Victims of Intimate Partner Violence in Hong Kong, funded byResearch Grants Council – Early Career Scheme (ECS).
  10. Evaluation Study on the PilotScheme on Children’s Dispute Resolution for the Judiciary, funded by the Judiciary, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  11. Study on the Service Effectiveness of “Nurturing Heart Domestic Violence Prevention Project” for women abuser of family violence in Hong Kong, funded byHarmony House Limited, Hong Kong.
  12. Review on the implementation of the Integrated Family Service Centre homework help online:do your homework easily with our experts service mode, funded by Social Welfare Department
  13. An Overview and Evaluation of the Service Effectiveness of Po Leung Kuk – Support Programme for Victims of Family Violence, funded by Social Welfare Development Fund of Po Leung Kuk, Hong Kong
  14. Program Evaluation on the Family Pilot Project, funded by The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council