Mindfulness and Self-Care Workshop

Objective of the workshop

The workshop is a platform where students can stabilise their emotion and take good care of themselves, by learning some simple mindfulness practices. More importantly, it provides an opportunity for a sincere dialogue between teachers and students, so that students know that their teachers truly care about them.


Users of the workshop

This workshop can be delivered by school teachers or student guidance personnel who have received basic training in mindfulness, such as completing an 8-week MBCT, MBSR or .b Foundations course. They can email the JC PandA team (jcpanda@hku.hk) and obtain the teaching materials after they have submitted the certificate of an 8-week mindfulness course. Teachers or student guidance personnel who receive no prior training in mindfulness but wish to use the resources can also email us. We are happy to deliver a talk on mindfulness at your school and demonstrate how to deliver this workshop. By then, they can obtain the teaching materials.


Teaching materials for the workshop

  1. Teacher’s manual
  2. ppsx file
  3. Student worksheet
  4. Audio guides for 4 mindfulness practices


Audience and format of the workshop

The audience of the workshop are secondary school students. The stress faced by secondary school students may stem from academic performance, family, peers, or even the social unrest. The workshop can be delivered as class meetings or extra-curricular group activities. The class size may range from 5 to 30 students.


The duration of the workshop

The workshop lasts approximately for an hour.  In response to students’ needs, teachers may delete or extend some sessions of the workshop.