Professional Training

Social Services Staff Curriculum

The Department of Social Work and Social Administration at The University of Hong Kong and collaborating partners provides professional training courses and workshops to equip our social services staff with proper knowledge and skills in providing elderly mental health services.

Clinical Social Work Certificate Training Course on Elderly Mental Health (Late-life Depression)

Course Objectives: This course is designed to equip practicing social workers with the essential clinical knowledge and skills set of working with depressed or at-risk older people. It aims to facilitate development of attitude and aptitude for caring and best evidence-based practice in various social services settings.

Course Format & Duration: This 256-hour course includes Part I Theoretical Basis (53 hours), Part II Skills Labs & Practicum (200 hours), and an Exit Examination (3 hours). Part I will be completed in 2 months mainly in the format of lectures. Part II will be completed in 12 months in the format of skills lab, case conference, and practicum under the supervision of a clinical social worker/clinical psychologist. Part I and Part II will be conducted concurrently and the duration of the entire course is 12 months. A qualifying examination at the end of 12 months will be conducted to assess the skills and knowledge of the trainees.