About the Conference

The Hong Kong ASD Conference 2017 is the second annual signature event organized by JC A-Connect: Jockey Club Autism Support Network, which aims at enhancing support for families with a member on the autism spectrum. The Conference seeks to promote effective and evidence-informed support for individuals with ASD and their family members. It will also serve as a platform for experts, professionals, educators, caregivers, and interested parties to share their work and insights.

With “Family Support and Development” as its theme, this Conference will focus on support services currently available to families of the autism community as well as its future development. Participants will:

  • learn the international landscape of family support service development from a world renowned expert, Dr. Andy Shih, Senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs of Autism Speaks;
  • learn about the latest trends and development in services to support families and caregivers of individuals with ASD in Hong Kong and other Chinese communities; and
  • have opportunities to share with other stakeholders and discuss research findings, good practices, and services through presentations and forums.


Please join us and impart to others your passion and experiences in promoting the welfare and support of these families.