December 11, 2014
Contemporary China Studies Public Lecture
Borders and Critical Scholarship : A Case Study from the Sino-Tibetan Border

Professor Tenzin Jinba


December 5, 2014
192nd Congregation and Diploma & Certificate Presentation Ceremony


December 3, 2014
Public Policy Forum
Should Hong Kong Public Services Change? Can They?

Mr Kim Salkeld


December 2, 2014
Public Policy Forum
Planning for Urban Water Security in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region


December 1, 2014
Public Policy Forum
Managing China's Water Resources: Problems and Policies



November 15, 2014
Student Prize Presentation Ceremony 2014


November 13, 2014
Public Policy Forum
Administrative Accountability in Hong Kong – Passing the Buck?

Mr Tang Kwok bun


November 10, 2014
Public Policy Forum
Retirement Protection in Hong Kong: Rethinking an Age Old Controversy


November 7, 2014
Contemporary China Studies Public Lecture
Is the Concept of Secularism Relevant to China?

Professor Prasenjit Duara


November 6, 2014
江明磊落: 打開天窗說同話


October 31, 2014
Contemporary China Studies Public Lecture
Cities, Land and Housing in China: Genesis of Problems and Prospect for Reform

Dr Liu Zhi


October 30, 2014
Public Policy Forum
Community Engagement in a Dynamic Society – Time and Timing

Dr Ernest Lee Shu wing


October 29, 2014
Public Policy Symposium
Mental Health Services and Policies in Contemporary China


October 17, 2014
Public Policy Forum
Welfare Rules and State Responses to the great Recession : A Mountain or a Molehill


October 13, 2014
Public Policy - Water Governance Research Programme
Water Conflict and Cooperation across Boundaries and between Public and Private


October 10, 2014
Contemporary China Studies Workshop
The Boundaries of Democracy
New Developments in Hong Kong and
Taiwan's Relations with China Mainland


October 9, 2014
Public Policy Forum
For Whom the Land Toils

Mr Patrick Lau Lai chiu


October 6, 2014
Seminar on Risk and Philanthropy through the Lens of Philanthropic Psychology


September 25, 2014
Workshop on 10 Fun Ways to Raise Funds and 10 Horror Stories


September 23, 2014
Symposium on Risk Management in For-profit and Non-profit and Non-profit Organisations


September 18, 2014
Contemporary China Studies Public Lecture
The Jade Emperor: Sovereign Power, Celestial Bureaucracy, and the Political Theology of the Masses in China

Professor Mayfair Yang


September 11, 2014
Contemporary China Studies Public Lecture
Perspectives on the History of a Chinese Conglomerate: Weiqiao Pioneering Group, Ltd

Professor Andrew Kipnis

Induction Forum  

Induction Forum
August 27, 2014


July 28 - August 22, 2014
HKU Postgraduate Summer School:
Social Science Research Methods


August 11, 2014
Forum on Effective Philanthropy Multiple Perspectives on Strategy and Impact Evaluation


July 21 - 25, 2014
HKU Social Sciences Summer Programme 2014 (for Secondary School Students)


July 24, 2014
Public Policy - Water Governance Research Programme
The Reform of China's Water Rights System



July 2, 2014
Forum on Global Perspectives on Collective Impact


June 11-14, 2014
The 10th International Conference on Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society
East Meets West: Expanding Frontiers and Diversity


May 31, 2014
14th Annual Research Postgraduate Conference


April 29, 2014
Contemporary China Studies Public Lecture
Rebellion and Repression in China, 1966–1971

Professor Andrew Walder


April 23,2014
Contemporary China Studies Public Lecture
China’s Growth Model: Logic and Challenges

Professor Tao Ran


April 14, 2014
Contemporary China Studies Public Lecture
Is Weber’s Analysis of China (circa 1913) Still Useful a Century Later?

Professor Gary Hamilton


April 7, 2014
Contemporary China Studies Public Lecture China’s Rise, US–China Relations and Implications for East Asia

Professor Jae Ho Chung


April 1, 2014
Symposium on the Future of NGO Development in China
Perspectives of NGO Practitioners
Theory to Clinical Practice
April 1, 2014


March 29, 2014
My Study Options on HKU
Social Innovation Global Citizenship -
Life Planning Seminar



March 25, 2014
When a Confucian Perfectionist Meets a Queer Perfectionist


March 20, 2014
Stories of Giving from HK and HKU
《民間力量 慈善風景》對談 暨


March 11, 2014
Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Public Lecture

The Application of Psychological
Theory to Clinical Practice

Professor Barbara A Wilson


March 11, 2014
Public Policy Studies Seminar

Emerging Directions in Public Policy Analysis:
Theory, Methods and Data

Professor Maureen Pirog


March 5, 2014
Seminar on
Confucianism and Liberal Democracy:
Uneasy Marriage or Productive Partnership?


February 27, 2014
S. C. Fan Memorial Lecture
Addressing the Challenges
in US–China Relations

Professor Kenneth Lieberthal


February 14, 2014
Urban Policy and the Global Crisis
How Flawed Policies Contributed to the Crisis and Helped to Make It Worse

Professor Josef Konvitz




January 21, 2014
Workshop on Developing the Strategic Awareness and Fluent Attention of the Brilliant Presenter for NGO Leaders