JCECC Leadership Training Programme 2017

Tomorrow’s leaders in end-of-life care (EoLC) are expected to be effective, innovative, strategic and flexible in responding to the emerging challenges of global aging. The JCECC Leadership Training Programme 2017-2018 aims to nurture a group of leaders in community EoLC. The programme will recruit leaders in the community to review the international best practices and standard of clinical excellence in community EoLC. The leaders will be exposed to the state-of-the-art, evidence-based and innovative practices in quality community EoLC for patients and their family caregivers. The practice-based learning approach will empower leaders to develop EoLC services in their own work settings, through exemplary clinical care, international best practices, and evidence-based skills training.

Programme Objectives

  • To empower Leaders with state-of-the-art, evidence based and best practices in quality care for patients and family caregivers, both locally and internationally
  • To enable Leaders to develop clinical and supervisory competencies in community EoLC
  • To facilitate Leaders to plan EoLC service programme appropriate to their respective work settings and to Hong Kong

Targeted Participants 

Health and social care professionals who are:

  • Nominated by head of organisations/service;
  • Leaders or aspiring leaders who are involved in supervision of clinical service provision;
  • Interested and committed to develop evidence-based practice in community EoLC; and
  • To commit to read assigned portfolio and attend at least 80% of all sessions.

* Participants are required to complete a nomination form with personal statement on their expectations on the programme, and vision on developing EoLC service programme in their work settings. This plan will be further developed throughout the programme as the capstone projects for the leaders, with the supervision of the programme advisors, and to be implemented in the respective work settings. They are also required to submit a CV as reference for their relevant working experience in end-of-life care or relevant settings.

- By Invitation only -

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